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Has it really already been one month?

wow… first I can not believe my baby girl is a month old. The first month flew by! With the long 9 months of pregnancy and all the emotions and “what ifs” I truly never thought the day would come and she would be in my arms. I sit every day and stare at her perfect little body, her perfect fingers and toes and her adorable tiny nose.

Yesterday was bittersweet. While we celebrated her one month birthday we also experienced her learning to smile.

It was amazing to see her doing little half smiles at daddy and finally late last night I got a few of her little half smiles. I know it’s only a matter of time until she wakes up full of smiles.

In only one short month my entire life has changed. This perfect little person (all 21 inches of her) amazes me. She has brought so many emotions forward that I never knew I had.

My postpartum recovery has been… well different to say the least. Physically I healed very quickly except for my left hip hurting. But emotionally… I never knew I could be upset and sad like I was.

This month I also realized that my passion for helping women with pregnancy, L&D is something I really do want to do. I have always wanted to help women in the birth experience for 9 years now, and I have finally made the step to get into the medical field by starting out as a Birth Doula. Next I’ll do Lactation Consultant and Childbirth Educator. I am so excited to get my career going.

I also have that feeling that our little family is not complete yet. I think other moms can relate knowing that they just feel like a piece is still missing. I have no idea if that means we will have any more in the net few years, or if Shelby is our last little lady.

Now, onto Shelby. I can not gush over how much she brightens my day. Even those moments where she is crying and crying and I have no idea how to soothe her, she still amazes me and takes my breath away.

At two weeks Shelby was back up to birth weight, and at 3 weeks 3 days she was 9 pounds 14 ozes. My guess now at 4 weeks 4 days she is 10 pounds. I measured her (well tried to), and got her at 21 inches long and her head is 15 inches.  I know in some of my pictures she may look huge but she is not that big. She is a little peanut growing healthy and perfect.

Samantha (my oldest) adores her, and Shelby adores her too. When she is fussy and obviously needs a nap, Sam loves to sit by the swing and sing to Shelby. (I have to film this!). Sarah too loves to sing to her but I think she gets nervous easily where Sam has great patience. It’s amazing and I look forward to watching the three girls grow together.

It seems that music soothes her and seems to really enjoy Pink Floyd. I know that sounds crazy but some of the songs are so relaxing it helps put her to sleep.

So here we go, into month #2. I can’t wait to watch her grow.

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  1. Aww, that’s so sweet. My daughters love to sing to my little one too. My 10 year old sings weird al to him and he falls asleep! It’s like magic.

  2. i cant wait for my youngest to be a big sister! being a step mom we have 2 older kids and when my daughter morgan was born they did not know what to do!!! lol, it took them a few months before they warmed up to her

  3. So adorable, time does fly by so fast with our little ones. It’s so nice to enjoy all of their firsts of everything. Congratulations on starting your new career!

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