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Happy New School Kids!

My girls started school on Monday at a brand new school in a new state! I was very nervous for them. I know how scary it can be going to a new school and sitting in a classroom full of kids you don’t know and have no friends yet.

I couldn’t wait for 2:45 to come so I could pick them up and see how their day went.

Well both girls made friends, love their new teacher and Sam was beyond excited to tell me about her music class and how she wants to try out for choir next week!

The have music class, art class and PE twice a week (I believe). I am looking forward to back to school night next week to learn more!

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4 Responses to “Happy New School Kids!”

  1. Marcie W. says:

    My kids also started on Monday and their schedules are similar. So far things are going wonderfully here!

  2. Good they like their new school. Choir is fun.. I was in Choir and had a great time.

  3. lauren england says:

    cute outfits

  4. Christine Wooldridge says:

    hope they like their new school

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