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Happy FIVE Months Shelby

Shelby turned five months old on the 3rd. I can’t believe that she is five months old. Time is flying by so fast. I want to freeze time. I want to keep her this size longer.

Every day I see how much she has grown, and how much she has changed (and so she should) I look back at her newborn photos and that already seems a lifetime ago.

Last night I wanted to cry, I saw just how fast my baby is growing…. I noticed the slit of her first tooth starting to make it’s way. It made me realize her clinginess and crankiness probably is due to that.

She is a pro nurser. Eats enough to get full then is ready to play again. She still is not much of a napper. She takes 3-4 small 30 minute naps through out the day.

Nighttime, she goes to sleep anywhere between 10-11 pm and sleeps until 2-3 am, then is up every 2 hours to nurse. Right now she gets up around 8:30 am for the day and is ready to play until 10 am ish, then she gets tired wants to eat and take a small nap.

She rolls onto her right side, she can not figure out how to roll to her left side yet, but she rolls and rolls and rolls.

She is trying to sit up, this is a cue that the swing and rocker napper will be put away very soon.

We still have a little over 2 more weeks in month 5… boy does time fly!

Baby Development: Month Five

  • He’s becoming better at tuning out distractions while playing with a toy
  • He can focus on playing and learning.
  • He has clear vision and good depth perception
  • He may get frustrated by what he can’t do yet

*Month four developments from

Below are just some of comparison pics showing just how much she has changed!


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