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Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me, LOL. Well today I turn 24. I feel so old.

I am having a pretty good day, I woke up to Hubby and the girls walking into the room singing me Happy Birthday, Samanaht agave me a gift card to Gap and a Lotto Ticket, and Sarah CHUCKED a Skor bar at me. I laughed so hard. I mean it, she literally threw it at me. What do you expect from an almsot 2 year old? Then Hubby went and got me Starbucks, and a egg and cheese biscuit from Mc D’s. YUMMY!!!!
Tonight we are going to Hubby’s work for dinner. He is a Sushi Chef. YUM. I am so excited for my avacodo cucumber roll on soy paper. mmmmmmm… * wipe droll*
Then tomorrow I am going with Pat and his family to the USC game!! WOOT WOOT!!! They have season tickets (like every year) and since BIL can’t go, he is giving his ticket to me. yay.

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