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Happy Birthday! How To Hold Great Parties For Kids

Christmas is here! Everything’s extremely festive at the moment, people are planning their Christmas meals and finishing up the last of their shopping and looking forward to taking a little time off from work to spend with their families. But not all of us are just thinking about Christmas. There are actually a lot of birthdays this time of year as well – is March a particularly romantic month? Let’s not think about it too hard. But if you’ve got a birthday party for one of your kids to plan at the moment, that’s probably taking up way more of your time than you’d like it to. Here are some tips on how to make them easier for yourself…

Ask Your Child What They Want

If your kid is old enough to make a few decisions for him or herself, chances are they already have a decent idea of what they’d like to see at a birthday party. Even if you as a mother are more concerned with fairies and butterflies and you’d like to have a pretty birthday party for your daughter, remember that it’s her day. If she’d rather have a jungle or pirate theme, that can be a lot of fun too! Ask them how many guests they’d like to invite – if your child is shy or quiet, then they might be overwhelmed if they invite their whole class at school. Remember that the party is about what will make them happy.

Get An All Inclusive Deal

If life’s really hectic, there isn’t any point in forcing yourself to create an entire birthday party from scratch. Not only are you a busy parent who doesn’t have much time, but the fact remains that there are people who make parties for a living, and chances are they’re much better at doing it than you are! If your child is active and loves running around, then you could go for a bowling party. A lot of bowling alleys provide food and cake and a separate room for party games for kids – all you’d have to do would be supervise! Laser tag is also a great idea for a kids’ birthday party, although you might find yourself wanting to join in and getting far too competitive when you’re attempting to shoot seven year olds… If you’re having the party at your home, consider hiring party entertainers like Elsa and Anna impersonators along with a bouncy castle, so you don’t have to provide all the excitement yourself.

Make Simple Food

There really isn’t any point in going overboard with food. A lot of small children don’t have particularly advanced palates, so it’s a good idea to stick with cheese pizza, hot dogs, burgers and fries. If you’d rather go for cold food so you can prepare it all beforehand, cheese and ham sandwiches are always popular along with small nibbles like carrot sticks, baby tomatoes and cucumber slices. Put out bowls of potato chips and cheese straws – just remember not to go too overboard with the candy and sugary drinks! You don’t want a party full of completely hyperactive kids. Preparing or ordering the food beforehand will ensure that you don’t have too much to do on the day. You should also make sure that you ask parents if their kids have any dietary requirements or allergies.

Invite Parents To Stay

Up until a certain age, there are some kids who get a little wobbly if their parents aren’t around, so if you have the space, you could extend an invitation to their parents too. Not only will it be helpful to have some extra sets of watchful eyes on the kids, but if they need a hug from their mother to reassure them and get them back into the party spirit, they’ll be right there. Make sure you provide some food for the parents, along with beverages like coffee, tea and soft drinks. If the kids are having pizza, order another one for the parents!

Open The Gifts At Home

Make sure that your child opens their birthday gifts at home. This is definitely the more tactful option to go for – not every one of their guests will come from the most financially secure of homes and not every parent will have a lot of spare money to spend on birthday gifts, and you don’t want anyone to feel bad. A lot of kids aren’t great at controlling their emotions and you don’t want your child to make their dissatisfaction with a gift evident! Make sure that they write little notes in thank you cards after the party’s over so you keep excellent relationships with all their friends’ parents.

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