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Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

Hubby made it home safely last night and we had a nice evening together. We sat and chatted while watching my Brother In law put together the girls Christmas gift, the Fisher Price Motorized Golf Cart. We woke up this morning with Sarah saying “goooo morning mama, open pwesents?? It’s moning!”

we all had a wonderful morning opening gifts and watching the girls have a blast, we did come home rather early as it’s raining pretty bad and we weren’t to sure what was going to happen so we came home. The girls had more gifts to open up here. BIL came over and were now all sitting around watching Kung Fo Panda (this is the 5th time in a matter of 3 days!)

I’ll upload images later today.

I am so excited, last night I came home really quickly o drop off a bunch of gifts my Aunt & Uncle gave us and sitting my my front door was a box from HP! yep…. my laptop was here!! I am so excited, it came on Christmas Eve!

It has windows Vista and I actually really like it, Its just a new version of Windows XP. It’s kind of cool! My little sister Kristin got me a web cam for Christmas and I can’t wait to try it out! I was looking at my wish list for this year and I am rather surprised that I received a few things I asked for! I bought myself the lap top, MIL & FIL got me the velour jogging suit from Victoria’s Secret (in navy). I had my hair done right before we went to Disneyland, and Hubby bought me a new purse. He had the sale girls help pick out a nice Dooney & Bourke purse. I am very excited and happy and am so blessed.

Not only did we get to spend time with family, I am glad we were able to be together. Kristin thank you for the fantastic gifts, I hope Kaila likes her gift from us! I hope you like your gift, sorry it’s more for the baby but hey I know you wanted it. LOL

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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