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Happy 9th Birthday Sarah!

happy 9th birthday

This sweet girl of mine turned 9 years old! It’s crazy to sit here and see how much she has grown over the years.  That is one thing I absolutely love about this blog is that I can look all the way back to when she was born! I can’t believe I blogged when she was born and now 9 years later I can look back at that sweet little face along with my thoughts!

This year has been challenging for her to say the least. She has always been my quiet, gentle hearted little girl and this year she has found her voice and a passion. She has to be heard!

She adores dancing. Literally every day she dances around the house and doing the splits whenever she can. She still loves the color green and mac and cheese is her favorite food!  She loves to play with her American Girl dolls and Barbies.

Happy Birthday sweet girl, here’s to the last year before you hit the double digits!

Happy 9th Birthday Sarah!

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