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Happy 2 Months Shelby

Another month has gone by. This past month was amazing. Sure we still get no sleep but we started getting tons of smiles and cooing!

At 2 months old Shelby weights 12 pounds. She has completely outgrown all newborn clothes and the 0-3 months are starting to get tight but fit great in length. I think she may be a shorty like my short stuff Sarah.

Shelby adores Samantha, every time she sees her she instantly smiles and coos at her.  Sarah is so sweet and gentle with Shelby and Shelby feels very content near her becasue she always calms down near Sarah.

Here we go Month 3!!

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  1. I can see each of the girls in Shelby…they must be so proud of her! It is just such a beautiful thing that each sister has such a unique connection with little Shelby. They will always be her protectors, her confidante’ and her friends. Sisters. Wow, what a blessing they are!

  2. i love the closeness siblings can bring to their baby sister! my daughter is extremely close with her older brother, she always lights up the room when he is around

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