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Halloween DIY Decoration From ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape

Here is a fun and easy ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape project as created by Carmen De La Paz, host of HGTV’s Hammer Heads. This project allows you to easily transform an ordinary glass bowl into a festive pumpkin perfect for a frugal Halloween decoration! Using only a few materials, this project could even be a fun activity for parents and kids to create together!

Color Palette:
For this project use Spray Paint dedicated to Glass Surfaces. Finish and Color: Chrome and Frosted Orange

1″ & 1 ½” ScotchBlue 2080 Edgelock
Spray Paint for Glass in Chrome and Frosted Orange
Large Glass Bowl of your choice
Plastic liner or shopping bags

Respiratory Mask


  1. Starting with a glass bowl of your choice.  I selected a nice round once so it had the shape of the pumpkin helping us out.
  2. Using 1” Scotch Blue 2080 EL  – start by laying out the face.  If you note:  My design is made mostly of straight lines to help the tape had a good seal along the curve of the surface


  • When following the curve and the surface hold the tape taught as it goes on.  This will insure you have a nice even seal with the tape and the surface.  You will notice the other side of the tape may buckle – we are concentrating on a nice tight seam with the tape and the image we are trying to create. When it is right – you will know.  When it is wrong you will also know.
  • I started with the eyes then worked my way down to the nose and mouth.

Once the face is laid with the tape, I added some lines all the way around to represent the wedges in the pumpkin – again with ScotchBlue 2080 EL .



  1. Once the areas you want to paint are masked out – cover the rest of thee surface of the bowl with ScotchBlue 2080EL to insure off spray does not find it’s way to the glass. Be sure t0 cover the top opening as well!
  2. Spray paint with Chrome for Glass surfaces.

TIP: When Spray painting

Start spraying before your hit the surface.

Don’t have nozzle of paint too close to the surface you are spraying.

Keep can moving to prevent build up of paint which will turn into drips as it dries

Light, even layers, is always the best with sprays.


  1. Once paint has fully dried, gently pull tape back by angling the edge back at 45 degrees to reveal crisp edges and lines and corners.
    1. Spray the whole outside of the bowl with Orange frost paint – follow the rules of spray painting above.

*A product was provided.

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