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Halloween Costumes? HELP!

I love handmade boutique costumes!  In 2006 (Sarah’s 1st Halloween) we bought Fairy Costumes that were handmade by an awesome Boutique Shop called Sugarplums*N*Gumdrops.

The following year I went back to Sugarplums*N*Gumdrops and asked if she could do Pirate Costumes for me. I made the girls their bows and tutus and Sugarplums*N*Gumdrops did the awesome corsets and peasant tops.  I absolutely ADORED these costumes!

In 2008 the girls wanted to be Ballerinas.  So we threw together the girls dance costumes added tutus and tiaras and they danced around all day.

In 2009 the girls did something different. Sarah fell in love with Mary had a Little Lamb. Samantha loved the Witch costume, but them for trick or treating wanted to wear a karate outfit. (that’s my child lol)

Last year, Sarah wanted to be Ariel sooo bad. Of course her costume ripped within an hour, and Samantha wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood.

So… I need help! What the heck should the girls be this year? I want them to match, and be soemthing different than the typical Halloween Costumes.

I’m thinking Mad Hatter, Vampire, CanCan Girls, Dolls (like in the Nutcracker)

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  1. hmmm…how about something from a movie? i guess i’m not much help. i’m always looking for ideas! i’ve made my daughters costumes for the past few years. i base it on a tutu skirt, which is so easy to make, than go from there. last year she was a witch with a purple and black tutu

  2. Hi Amanda! I found your blog through Mom Central and I love it!

    I have 2 girls. They are each going to be a different Care Bear this year. I think I’ll be able to make them pretty inexpensively.

    They could both be Wenda (the girlfriend of Where’s Waldo?). Just a thought!

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