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Had my 2nd Ear Freezing Yesterday

So yesterday I went to the dr. for my 2nd ear freezing. he uses liquid nitrogen, and applies it on the keloid. This time it hurt more then the first time because of my ear already being sensitive.

So this is what my ear looks like after the first freezing. It’s actually a tiny bit swollen from the freezing yesterday.

The middle is the part that feel off from the first freezing. I can tell it is smaller. Just by the way it feels. My dr. also told me he doesn’t want to aggravate it too much because he doesn’t want me to loose the top of my ear (uhhhh DUH!!!!)

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  1. ouch! this hurts me just looking at it. does it hurt to the touch?

    now will you come up in google searches for keloids. bwhahahaa~! love ya! 😉

  2. Hey Amanda,

    I wanna talk to you about this matter as I’ve got a similar issue and would like to hear about your experience. Can give me your ID or something? 🙂

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