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Guest Post: 2012 Krispy Kreme Very Important Blogger Summit – Day 2 #KKVIB2012

When I was asked to join the Krispy Kreme Very Important Blogger Summit, I was honored to be asked but being 35 weeks pregnant I knew it would not be smart of me to travel. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to have a fellow blogger go in my place!

I knew the perfect blogger too. Keonté from was the perfect person, I mean she loves coffee and donuts too so of course I knew she would be perfect!

In case you didn’t see, she posted about day one on her blog at  2012 @KrispyKreme Very Important Blogger Summit – Day 1 #kkvib2012 | Mommy 2K  Below is her recap of Day Two!

All the donuts look yummy! Thank you so much Keonté for attending for MommyMandy!

 The “Crew” (photo courtesy of Krispy Kreme)
Day two of the Krispy Kreme Very Important Blogger Summit started at the factory.
We received more goodies…
…and were served a delicious breakfast.
I had no clue Krispy Kreme makes organic oatmeal. Did you?

We wasted no time getting the day started. There was an agenda and the crew at Krispy Kreme made sure we were going to stick with it. No one wanted us to miss out on the fun activities and information. Up first was Beverage Operations Manager, Branan Wagaman and  Corporate Chef, Ron Rupocinski.

We were given suggestions on which doughnuts to pair with a particular brew of coffee. I am not a huge hot coffee drinker, but I’m a bit obsessed with iced coffee. I have to say that I did understand the reasoning behind each pairing.  I learned that some coffee can have a floral, acidic, clean, spicy, and citrus taste to it. Here I was just drinking it without examining its true composition. Who knew?!

The day continued with several presenters. Each person had a unique story behind their connection to Krispy Kreme. I was fully engaged (even though I was tweeting) as I listened to the speakers share their passion for this company.

From left to right:

  • Dwayne Chambers, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
  • Sam Fowler, Director of Fundraising
  • James (Jim) Morgan, Chief Executive Officer
  •  Kenneth May, President and Chief Operation Officer
  • Tanisha Randolph, R&D Product Development Scientist
  • Tim Heatherly, Training and OD Specialist

After experiencing their testimonies and learning some more behind-the-scenes information, I became a true Krispy Kreme fan. Each person poured their hearts out while exuding dedication, knowledge and commitment to their company. We were no longer just talking about doughnuts. We were talking about a way of life.

Lunch was served. A delicious spread of sandwiches and wraps from Salem Kitchen.

I love it when I get the opportunity to be ‘hands-on’ at an event. I want to know how it feels to be a part of the team. All of the bloggers were given the chance to create a doughnut and a specialty drink. This was nothing short of fun.

Here are my doughnut creations. I named them: LemonBerry, Princy & Dottie

We stirred up a bit of fun in kitchen making beverages as well. Let me tell you this, it’s a tough job. There are so many flavor combinations to come up with, it’s nearly impossible to choose just one. I normally like iced or blended drinks, so that it what I chose to create. It didn’t go so well. There is really a science to mixing flavors that compliment each other. Let’s just say that pomegranate, chai tea, and vanilla don’t get along well.

We had a blast. I was so grateful to have met such down-to-earth people who were nothing short of passionate about their role at Krispy Kreme.

The Bloggers – photo courtesy of Krispy Kreme

Besides eating delicious doughnuts and drinking coffee, there were a few key points that I took away from this summit. Here they are:

Madeline’s “S’mores” doughnut creation
  • Krispy Kreme doughnuts were never meant to be healthy, per se. They are a treat and an indulgence. They do not place a meal.
  • Krispy Kreme is for ages 3 to 93 (nearly everyone). The emotional demographic is their target, meaning, “How does it (a doughnut) make you feel?”
  • Krispy Kreme doughnuts don’t make people happy…they just work to keep them happy.
  • Krispy Kreme is built on simplicity. There is not a lot of paid marketing. Word of mouth is enough.

If you would like to stay connected to all things Krispy Kreme, here are a few sites to visit:

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts website:
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on Facebook :
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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Hot Light App:

For more photos of the 2012 Krispy Kreme Very Important Blogger Summit, check out their album on Facebook.

Disclosure: All accommodations and travel were paid for thanks to Krispy Kreme. The opinions, views, and actions are my own. Thanks again to Amanda for allowing me to attend this event in her place. It was a wonderful experience.

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  1. Naomi says:

    Aww, I love Keonte! And, oddly enough, we got a dozen Krispy Kremes this morning as a a special treat. Yum!!!

    • Keonté says:

      Thanks, Naomi. That was sweet. I was so grateful that Amanda gave me this opportunity. I had a blast…and way too many doughnuts. Krispy Kremes are delicious.

  2. courtney b says:

    mmm makes me want a donut!

  3. anneke says:

    YUM so jealous!!!

  4. Eileen says:

    my husband has snuck in to buy some for co workers but I have yet to try one. Filled doughnuts are my biggest treat so I’d sure love to try a custard filled one some day! ( I know, I must live in a cave right, to never have trid a KK)

    Great sponsor review…looked like they all had a great time!

  5. Shannon F. says:

    I’m so completely jealous! Just looking at the pictures is making my mouth water. I’m REALLY jealous of the coffee/donut pairing they had, I’m a huge coffee drinker! Great post!

    Shannon F.

  6. Rebecca Smith says:

    Wow, the pictures are making me hungry!

  7. Marcie W. says:

    Oh my, YUM!! It looks like a trip to heaven! I also had no idea that Krispy Kreme made oatmeal, let alone organic oatmeal, but what a wonderful alternative for weight watcher moms!

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