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Guess who lost her 7th tooth today?

Yep, Samantha! Apparently she was eating corn on the cob last nigh and bite down so hard it pushed her tooth so it was sticking out. When I got her home she let me touch her tooth and I saw it was barely hanging on. I asked her if would let me pull it out and she said yes as long as it didn’t hurt. So I gave it a little tug, Sam screamed and out came the tooth. She stopped screaming and said “ohhh that didn’t hurt.”

So here she is with her 7th tooth lost! (Jan 28th, 2009)

Here are pictures of all her lost teeth:

  • 6th Tooth
  • 5th Tooth
  • 4th Tooth
  • 3rd Tooth
  • 2nd Tooth
  • 1st Tooth

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