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Great way to start off the summer!

Tanya and I had an absolute blast! From Disneyland, to the lake, jacuzzi bathtub, trying to make our own jacuzzi out of the girls pool, playing with Barbie, sun burns, finding change for some adult beverages.. yes, I’d say we had a great start to our summer!

Whew, the past 5 days flew by so fast, and I am sad that it had to come to an end

BTW- Tanya I still want to know how I got a sunburn on my legs with random spots… weird….

and to leave you all wondering about our crazy trip, I will leave you with Woody….. he was such a lush.


If you want to see more of our random pics you cna go to Tanya’s facebook page! We will get our pics uploaded soon!

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  1. It sounds like you both had a wonderful and fun time! Sometimes, that is you all you need-a little fun 😀
    And shame shame on Woody! Buzz probably needed to fly his drunk ass home. Lol

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