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Great Products to Check Out For National Family Fit Lifestyle Month

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Bauli 50 calorie mini croissants (1)

As Family Fit Lifestyle Month is the perfect time to reboot healthy eating habits for your family, there are a few products I think you should check out! The COOKINA (is an innovative alternative to aluminum foil that is ideal for healthy grilling, cooking and baking),Fruttata (freeze-dried fruit crisp snacks) and Bauli (50 calorie mini croissants)!

Fruttata freeze-dried fruit crisp snacks (1)

Fruttata the leading maker of delicious and healthy freeze-dried fruit crisp snacks.

  • Crisps are created via freeze drying , the process of removing moisture from food through a dryer at -40°F.
  • Made from the freshest tropical fruits (think apples, bananas, mangos and pineapples) this guilt-free snack is the ultimate, tasty on-the-go treat, with all the health benefits and nutrients of real fruit (because it is just that – real fruit)!

Fruttata freeze-dried fruit crisp snacks (2)


COOKINA, an innovative alternative to aluminum foil that is ideal for healthy grilling, cooking and baking!

COOKINA Cuisine Reusable Cooking Sheet creates a nonstick, easy-to-clean and healthy cooking & baking experience. Ideal for using as an alternative to aluminum foil, parchment and wax paper, users can place the cooking sheet on a baking tray or pan to bake recipes without having to use oil of needing to clean the tray and oven afterwards.

Bauli 50 calorie mini croissants (3)

Bauli, mini croissants for a 50 calorie indulgence.

Depriving yourself (or kids) of dessert will just cause you to eat more sweets when no one is looking. Instead, indulge in an occasional portion controlled sweet treat, like mini croissants (just 50 calories a pop)!  This will satisfy their sweet tooth, without tacking on too many unnecessary calories.

Rooted in Verona, Italy, all Bauli products are baked in a REAL oven to ensure superior taste and quality, Bauli’s oven baked and ready-to-eat croissants will help make the day a touch sweeter.

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