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Great Products for your Cinco de Mayo Celebration #IMUSAdeMayo

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IMUSA has some pretty awesome products to host one amazing Cinco de Mayo celebration!

The IMUSA Tortilla Press from the Global Kitchen Mexico product line features a traditional and durable design that allows for perfectly pressed homemade tortillas, with just the right thickness and round shape. Easy to use – just insert your dough or ‘masa’ and with one press, your dough turns into griddle-ready disks to be cooked.  Create authentic, restaurant-style tortillas, and impress your guests at your next Mexican-themed dinner!

The IMUSA Multicolor Salsa Dish is a festive and decorative serving piece, perfect for appetizers, dipping sauces, guacamole, and salsa. Fresh salsas are a staple of the Mexican diet, so break out the tortilla chips and use the salsa dishes at your next fiesta! These colorful dishes come in two sizes, 4 oz. and 10 oz., and in four colors—red, orange, yellow, and green.

The IMUSA Cloth Tortilla Warmer makes it easy to serve fresh, warm tortillas at any meal. Tortilla warmers are essential in any Mexican kitchen, used to keep tortillas hot, soft and fresh while gathered around the dinner table. The tortilla warmer is for microwave use and keeps tortillas or breads warm for up to 1 hour with a built-in insulated pouch. The perforated food safe PVC barrier inside the pouch allows the moisture to escape slowly, preventing the issue of sweating inside. In addition, the polyester/cotton exterior features attractive and trendy designs, adding to its visual appeal on the table. Having cold tortillas minutes after heating won’t be a problem any longer! Also, serve up warm bread, pita, naan, arepas, and more in these warmers.

The IMUSA Red Citrus Squeezer from the GlobalKitchen Caribbean line is a handy tool that makes extracting citrus juice a breeze. Start with a cut citrus half, then simply press down to squeeze and extract juice. A little bit of pressure goes a long way. Try fresh lemonade or lime juice to mix into your margaritas and civiche!

Add fresh avocado in a flash with this avocado slicer by IMUSA. Featuring an ergonomic handle with stainless steel accents, this plastic avocado slicer cuts and peels an avocado half in easy motion.

IMUSA is a leading ethnic housewares brand with deep roots in Latin America and the United States, offering hundreds of affordable housewares products including gadgets, cookware, appliances, cleaning, food storage, espresso, and ethnic specialty items.


IMUSA is hosting an #IMUSAdeMayo photo contest! In order to enter the contest, all you need to do is share a photo of your favorite Mexican fare with IMUSA using the hashtag #IMUSAdeMayo between May 1st and May 5th. To be eligible to win a prize the user must submit at least one (1) photo and to be eligible to win the grand prize the user must submit a photo each day of the campaign, for five (5) days total. Visit for more information and send in your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using hashtag #IMUSAdeMayo for a chance to win!

For more information, please visit All IMUSA is available at Target!

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