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Gourmet Gift Baskets Care Packages

If you haven’t heard about the Gourmet Gift Baskets Care Packages yet, you should!!! These Care Packages are perfect for sending to family members, grand kids, college kids or just a “we miss you” gift!

We picked the Deluxe Summer Fun Camp Care Package. It had everything the kids need for a summer of fun.

There’s nothing more fun than showing a kid how much you love them than sending them one of our Care Packages. The line of Summer Fun Care Packages will provide limitless entertainment for your kid and their friends whether they are playing indoors or out. Each and every item helps kids get outdoors and enjoy all the activities of summer!

I will say that you will notice the contents of the box does not match the picture shown on the website, which I thought did not represent the product. There is nowhere on the product page that it says “Not all items in picture are included”. This did make me upset/ sad in a way because two of the games that were not included in the package are my favorites.

This is how our package was received. All the items were just thrown into a box. Very unusual with Gourmet Gift Baskets who usually have their packages wrapped beautifully!

· Balloon Launcher – Hours of fun for your kid and their newest best friend.
· Plastic Frisbee –So versatile, this Frisbee is a must for any camp care package.
· Mini Squirt Guns – 4 pack – You may be causing havoc for the camp counselor, but your child will love these!
· Pet Shaped Rubber Band Bracelets – 12 pack – You wouldn’t dare send a care package that doesn’t include these, they are the current phenomenon!
· Splash and Swim Goggles – 2 pack – Don’t be a fool, make sure they have goggles for the pool!
· Glider Airplanes – 19″ – Let their imagination take flight with these awesome glider planes!
· Temporary Tattoos – Send these to avoid them coming back with a real one!
· Bubbles with Wand – 8 oz. – Need we say more? Such a timeless classic, fun for all ages!
· Rainbow Yo-Yo – 2″ – So simple, yet so much fun. One is never too old for a yo-yo.
· G2Air Rubber Playground Ball – Foursquare, kickball, dodge ball, this ball covers it all!
· Tie Dye Beach Ball – 16″ – This dynamic, colorful ball is great for a variety of games!
· Large Football with Tail – Keep that arm in shape for fall football season!
· Wind Raiders Air Missiles – This one just beams with fun, all they’ll need is a partner!
· Glow In the Dark Bracelets – 15 per tube – Light up the night with these fun summer camp care package accessories!
· Glow Bars – 2 per package – These unique glow bars can be used for a variety of fun activities after the sun goes down!
· Wind Raiders Foam Sling Shooter – A great game to play with friends and get plenty of exercise.
(It says 4 pack of Squirt Guns but we only received one individual squirt gun. )
My overall experience was great. The company is great to work with and the shipping is great, the only downside is that with a product that is high in demand they need to- do the product page and maybe include something saying that you won’t receive all items pictured.
*A product was provided.

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  1. instead of including so many items, it might be nice if they had fewer but more high value items. right now it feels a bit like the inside of a cracker jack box.

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