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Gotta Watch What You Say……

So yesterday I was chatting on the phone with Kristin (yeah what’s new?) and I was so frustrated, I am tired of being cooped up inside and I said “Kristin I am done with my kids today.” yes, I was frustrated and needed a moment alone, by myself, child free to clear my mind and to take a second to breathe.

Well two hours later I hear Samantha dialing on the phone (she learned her Grandparents phone number and wont stop calling them)

anyways, so I listen to her for a few minutes

Sam” Um… Hi Grandma!!!!!! Can you come pick me up? My mommy says she is done with us.”

yeah my jaw dropped to the ground.. I didn’t even know she was near me to hear me tell Kristin that…..

seriously you have to watch what you say around the kids. She over heard some teenagers saying the “F word” and when we got out of the car a few weeks back she said “man it’s f***in hot”

AHHHHHHHHHHHH … what to do? and did I mention Sam turns 6 on Jan 10th? Yeah… it is only the beginning!

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