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Patrick is finally getting his Sushi bar in Lake Arrowhead. We have known about it since last summer, but they FINALLY started doing the inside this past week! They want it open by mid-January! The good thing is Patrick will be the HEAD CHEF!! Which means double what he makes now! YAY! Were going Wednesday to talk to the owners and for Patrick to get all the details about what he will need to do to get the place running. I am so excited for him, he will finally have what he wants. He will be the boss of everyone and have the last say in everything. Of course this means more responsibilities. Like hiring his staff, doing food orders, inventory. He will also be in charge of ordering everything for the Sushi Bar. Like the Sushi Cases (I have no idea what everything is called, but basically everything behind the sushi bar) The owners of the bar also own Papaya Bay in Lake Arrowhead (it is a Thai place) and Pasta Mia in Blue Jay (Italian?IDK) I guess they are also opening a few more stores in Lake Arrowhead.

The other great thing about this is we WILL be moving back to Arrowhead in April when our lease is up! Which is great because Samantha starts school in the fall. OMG! I can’t believe Samantha starts KINDERGARTEN next fall. Which she is so ready for. MIL told me that she is further ahead then a lot of kids in her class remember MIL is a kindergarten teacher). Samantha knows all the sounds to the letters and can put the sounds together to make words. Yesterday she learned how to spell and read HAM. yeah it is a random word but a VERY easy word. She also knows how to spell and read at, bat, cat. (family words are great)

Our 4th wedding anniversary is on Thursday! But we are celebrating on Wednesday (Pat’s day off)

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