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Goal Jeans *weightloss*

So I was reading Tanya’s goal jeans post.  I love it! I think having a goal in mind during weight loss is key! But for me I would need to have a picture of a beautiful baby bump in front of me.

Yes… since the miscarriage my goal is to loose weight to get a baby bump…..

So should I put a picture of some adorable Mama Relax Jeans from bella blu maternity in front of my treadmill.

yep, that is my goal, while others are loosing weight to get fit and healthy, I too and doing the same thing….. but to also get pregnant!

Every day while I run on my treadmill I look to my left and see the baby crib mattress and then to my right and see the rocking chair next to the dresser full of baby clothes

….and say to myself.. this is why your doing this, to have a little one in your arms, to give your girls a sibling, to *maybe* give your husband a son….

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  1. I think this is THE most important reason for any woman to want to get in shape…some do it to correct health problems…some to just get healthy…MANY do it for vanity or to gain confidence. But getting healthy and in shape to “grow” a healthy baby, now THAT’s motivation! I have a couple of daughters with the same mind set as you right now. I cant wait to see what happens here too! Good luck sweetie!

  2. You can so do it! I lost 30 pounds prior to conceiving my third child. It’s going to take a lot of hard work, but it’s possible! Drink tons of water, and get movin’!

  3. If there’s a better motivation then that I don’t know what it is. Keep up the hard work, I know it will all pay off in the end 🙂

  4. I think that’s a great goal and I really hope you’re sticking with it! It seems you are really focused and you couldn’t ask for a better source of motivation!!!

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