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Glad Black Bag Art Auction

Glad Black Bag has teamed up with Keep America Beautiful to find cool new ways to re-use trash from Great American Clean-Ups across the country.

Glad Black Bag is encouraging moms to celebrate life’s wild moments.  Life can get wild and messes happen when we’re having fun. You never know when, but you know they will.  And that’s okay, because cleaning up these staggering messes isn’t so bad anymore.

We love the Glad Black Bag. One of the best features to me is that you can stuff that bag with all kinds of stuff.  From cleaning up birthday party messes to spring cleaning, we use the Black Bag for everything.

Glad ForceFlex Black Bags can handle whatever life throws your way.

  • Glad ForceFlex bag’s Diamond Texture stretches to prevent rips and tears
  • Large sizes can handle big trash loads
  • Strong drawstring make closing easy and dependable
  • Available in Drawstring and Quick-Tie closures
  • Available in 30-gallon and 33-gallon sizes

To help jumpstart this effort, Glad Black Bag partnered with the Picker Sisters–interior designers Tracy Hutson and Tanya McQueen – to celebrate and clean-up life’s wild moments. They’re taking “remnants” from life’s biggest celebrations or everyday happenings and repurposing them in artful, stylish ways. Plus, celebrated mosaic artist Jason Mecier will be working with Glad Black Bag to create four works of art with people’s trash or “wild life remnants.” He’ll create art out of items collected during the clean-up events, as well as items donated by some great celebs.

These works of art will be auctioned off during the Glad Black Bag art auction on eBay for consumers to bid on, with proceeds benefiting the Great American Cleanup.  The Auction ends on April 30th.


*I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Glad Black Bag and received a Glad Black Bag product and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate. I was also asked to “pin” one (1) Glad Black Bag Art Auction photo on Pinterest.

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  1. We love the force flex bags. Not sure if you remember the Simpson’s episode where “the one who tops it off, drops it off”. They pile the trash so full that they have to staple a banana peel to the trash or it would overflow. I swear that is how our house is most of the time. We have tried many different brands of bags but Glad is by far the best.
    I have to say that I adore what they are doing to promote recycling! We recycle everything that we can! Shouldn’t we? Our children’s children will have to deal with our trash (literally and figuratively!).

    1. oh my gosh I laughed so hard when they stapled the banana peel! Thanks for the laugh. I too love that they are promoting recycling.

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