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GLAD and Celebrity Mom Help USC Tailgaters Waste Less

On Oct. 30th Pat and I headed out to the USC VS Standord Game to learn more about  GLAD and Celebrity Mom and how they are helping USC Tailgaters Waste Less.

The average football game produces 50 to 100 tons of waste. To help football programs tackle this problem, The Glad Products Company collaborated with the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), a non-profit committed to advancing sustainability in higher education. Together, they’ll assist football programs in reducing waste for seasons to come.

GLAD is providing a series of grants to AASHE college and university members that are designed to help put new sustainability programs into play. The collaboration also includes on-going awareness and education around waste reduction efforts in stadiums and tailgating areas.

GLAD will help USC tailgaters learn how to take steps to go “One Bag” – working toward the ultimate goal of sending just one bag of trash to landfill, with the rest being diverted to recycling and compost. Moreover, through a GLAD grant, USC will implement an EnviroRiderâ — an environmentally-conscious production rider that serves as a handbook, presenting eco-friendly options and actions within the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. It outlines in-stadium sustainability practices to be implemented during games for the 2012-13 football season.

GLAD also joined forces with eco-conscious actress and mom Ali Larter to help inspire consumers to take small steps against waste. GLAD also developed a One Bag toolkit, which is available at that provides a how-to guide on planning and executing a waste-conscious event.

*We received complementary tickets to the game and were provided gift bags. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Interesting concept. We live in Michigan and frequently go to MSU, Go Green, tailgates and I never thought about all of the trash before. Of course there are plenty of people recylcing cans and bottles but it would be great to bring more awareness to the rest of the trash.Thanks for bringing it up.If you get a minute please check out our website and product the Toddle Lock.Its a safety gate for ladders. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. This is a good practice about preventing more waste. Be eco-conscious, here in our place we are planting mangrove and making a signboard on sea areas like boulevard. A marker that will capture the side-walkers. To prevent several waste drop on the sea.

  3. I think this is awesome, Awareness should be brought to everyone’s attention. I know there is a lot of trash at our stadium after a game. People should be more aware and try to help out with clean up.

  4. It never occurred to me that so many waste that much. We really do use containers and take almost all of our stuff home to recycle. WOW…that many TONS of waste is so shocking!

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