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Gifts for Kids (Age 5-8)

Gifts for Kids

If you are looking for gift ideas for children aged between 5-8, we have compiled a list to make your task easy.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition

If your kids love your Samsung Galaxy Tab, get one for them. Well, the Kids Edition has parental controls and has a number of apps preloaded that are kid-friendly. So, you can be sure that your kids will use apps that are either educational or has some basic apps that are okay for them.

Like any ordinary tablet, you can download apps from Google Play. Alternatively, you can even use the Samsung Kids Store that has a list of tailored apps that should be useful for the kids.

The Kids Edition is available in 2 versions. The first one has a Carrying Case and Stylus that gives it a more professional look. The other version has an orange bumper that looks cute and kiddish. So, you can choose one for your kids and be sure that they will love it.


Shape is an addictive puzzle game for young puzzle lovers. It helps in developing problem-solving and essential match skills. At the same time, it is a fun game that is highly recommended for children aged between 5-8.

Fun Explorers Rocket

If your kids love adventurous, imaginary games, this should be on your mind. This toy comes with a number of important figurines such as space vehicles, astronauts, aliens, etc. This even includes a working elevator.

Just Dance Kids

If your kids love dancing or you want them to learn dancing the fun way, Just Dance Kids is a game you should look out for. This game is available for popular gaming consoles such as Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Opting for this game, you can expect incredible fun sessions for your kids. This game is fun and child appropriate. So, you should consider buying it.

Balloon Lagoon

Balloon Lagoon is an interesting board game that does not have a traditional board. It is exciting and educational, as it involves unscrambling pictures, spelling simple words, etc. The object of the game is simple – children have to collect plastic balloons and the one who collects the most wins. There is a timer ticking. So, one has to be really fast.

Lego Minotaurus Game

This is a game where kids have to strategize with the help of Lego blocks so that their opponents can be blocked. This allows the kids to think and think hard. However, depending on the kids’ adaptability, the rules of the game can be modified. Frankly, not all kids are interested in playing interesting games the way they are designed by the manufacturers. So, if your children love to make the rules of the game, this can be an option for you.


Most of the children in this age group love and enjoy games that allow them to think freely. At the same time, the activities included in the game should have kid-friendly activities. This toy is one that is limited only by a child’s imagination. Check into the details and let your kids have fun.

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