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Gifts for Boys: Silverlit: Blu-Bot

Silverlit Blu-Bot (1)

Bluetooth Blue-Bot presents the 1st Intelligent Bluetooth Robot! Download the Blu-Bot App FREE of charge from the App Store for iOS devices, or from the Google Play Store for Android systems, and use a Smartphone or Tablet as your remote control. This interactive robot with multiple functions and features may be operated with or without an App!

Silverlit Blu-Bot (2)

Silverlit Blu-Bot (3)

Use the power of your Smart Phone to control your Robot with Bluetooth Blue-Bot. Slide your finger over the screen to move him forward, backward, left and right. Speak into your smart phone and broadcast through your Blue-Bot. Record messages and playback with voice changer. Switch to dance mood for a “moon dance” with music. Add in your personalized mixing sound effects using your smart phone.

Blue-Bot can also be used in stand-alone mode to program up to 50 movies without using your phone.

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