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GetGlovd is the new alternative to providing an effective defense against germs and bacteria, anywhere you travel. These lightweight gloves, with a luxurious silky feel are fashionably designed in three sizes to comfortably fit and help guard you and your family from contact with flu viruses and harmful bacteria.

You can’t always be near soap and water, and even frequent use of hand sanitizers can cause harmful bacteria to become immune to germ killing active ingredients in your body causing the skin to be more susceptible to spreading germs.

Conventional gloves may provide an invisible breeding ground for germs to linger. However, GetGlovd is designed using 100% mechanically processed, naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial bamboo yarn that checks the spread of contagion.

What I love about these gloves is first, they protect my girls hands from germs and such while we are out and about and second during these cold winter months they keep their hands warm.

GetGlovd can be purchased for $14.99 for the children’s size, and $19.99 for the men’s and women’s sizes at

A product was received for this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. It’s a good idea for sure, especially when traveling by bus and plane. Anything that will help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria is A OK in my book. I honestly have never heard of this before. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Neat! Are these water repellent also? Meaning, if you get something icky on them, will it leak through? And I’m assuming that you can throw them in the washer.

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