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Get Ready for Baby: Kushies Cloth Diapers

When I decided on Cloth Diapering it was a big decision. I really wasn’t sure where to start, or what I needed. I spent months trying to figure out which cloth diapers we should try and use. I decided that I would get a variety of different brands and styles and try them all out and then decide which worked the best for us and the baby.

Kushies were on the list of products to try, in fact I have bought quite a few different Kushies products that go along with cloth diapers, like the Kushies 10 Pack Washable Diaper Liners  and the Kushies “On The Go” 2-Pack Wet Bags.

Kushies creates and provides an innovative collection of quality baby products and accessories. More than 350 high quality baby products are offered including washable diapers, award-winning educational toys, clothing, bath and gift items, bedding, bibs and more.

Kushies makes quite a few different styles of cloth diapers. I was excited to check out their new XP diapers. All Kushies diapers are hook and loop closure (velcro) and are sized diapers. The XP diapers come in small, medium and large. The small fits babies 6-14 lbs, medium fits 14 – 22 lbs and large fits 22 – 35/potty trained. I will admit that I was starting to get used to the OS (one size) diapers, so I can’t wait to try these sized diapers. I am hoping that being sized they wont be too bulky on the baby.

The XP Diapers come in both AIO (all in one) and pockets.  You can see from the photo the difference right away in the AIO and Pocket.

Kushies XP Pocket Diaper features a fully adjustable hook & loop closure system for a perfect fit every time. The diaper’s soft and supple waterproof cover provides supreme comfort and flexibility. Gentle contoured leg elastics keep messes contained and a thick and thirsty microterry insert is included for ultimate absorbency.  The stay dry microfleece inner layer helps baby feel dry, cool and comfortable.

What I like about the Pocket diaper first is the fact that it takes the least amount of time to wash and dry. Second once the microterry insert is in the cover the design is slim and sleek looking.  I also like the leg closure and am anxious to try it out on Shelby.

The Pocket is available in six fun and fashionable colors.

Kushies XP All-In-One Diaper features fully adjustable hook & loop closure system for a perfect fit every time.  The diaper’s soft and supple waterproof cover offers supreme comfort and flexibility.  Gentle contoured elastic legs help keep messes contained.

A stay dry micro fleece inner layer with a patented built-in micro fleece flap for extra absorbency, helps keep baby feeling dry, cool and comfortable.

The AIO took longer to dry because of the extra built-in micro fleece insert and the inner layer. But over all the dry time was not too bad. The AIO is available in six fun and fashionable colors. The AIO is also a tad cheaper than the Pocket.

We also got to check out the Ultra-Lite AIO and the Ultra AIO.

The Ultra-Lite “All-In-One”  form-fitted washable cloth diapers are an environmentally friendly  alternative to disposable diapers yet just as easy to use!  Featuring 6  layers of 100% cotton-flannel with a special  absorbent soaker layer inside, and a lightweight waterproof shell on the  outside.

The hook and loop closure system and the extended tabs  provide optimum adjustability for a snug fit.  The patented, built  in-flap can be folded up for boys or down for girls for extra absorbency  where they need it most.

The Ultra-Lite comes in two sizes: Infant fits 10-22lbs and Toddler which fits 22-45lbs.

The Ultra AIO is the ultimate All-In-One fitted diaper!  Winner of many awards and voted best reusable diaper by Mother & Baby Magazine! Features 5 layers of 100% cotton-flannel, a middle soaker layer for increased absorbency, and an outer waterproof barrier for a complete diapering system.

The patented, built-in flap can be folded up for boys or in the middle for girls for extra absorbency where they need it most. The Ultra AIO comes in three sizes: Newborn fits 4-10lbs,  Infant fits 10-22 lbs, and  Toddler fits 22-45lbs.

The Ultra and the Ultra-Lite are very smiliar. In fact when you look at them side by side it is very hard to tell the difference between the two.


Check out my video on the difference between the different Kushies Cloth Diapers:

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  1. I honestly haven’t a clue at how Cloth Diapering works, since my kids are out of diapers and I’m not having any more, but it looks WAY more comfy for baby than disposables!

  2. You are expert in cloth diaper. I have to learn more from you 🙂 Is Kushi diaper better?

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