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Get a Good Nights Sleep with Proper Pillow

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Last month I was in my last month of pregnancy and lets just say I had a very hard time getting comfortable at night.  I would wake up with a stiff neck every morning and just not feeling good overall. I know pregnancy tends to do that to you at nine months but I didn’t have to suffer from being uncomfortable using a pillow with no support.

I tried out The Proper Pillow. I really didn’t know what to expect from the pillow but right away I liked how it felt. I really liked how my head fit perfectly on the pillow and had great neck support.

The Proper Pillow combines comfort with corrective and rejuvenating therapeutic properties that support optimal alignment of the head, neck and spine. The benefits are powerful and real, helping to solve the chronic sleep-related problems that negatively affect people during the day:

Neck pain and stiff neck
Lower back pain
Sleep apnea

Both my husband and I like using the Proper Pillow. Now that I have a newborn I have a lot more neck and shoulder pain from carrying him around. I look forward to laying my head down each night and knowing I have a great pillow that gives me the support I need.

The Science Behind the Proper Pillow – Where Body and Mind Align. A healthy human spine has three distinct curves that allow nerve energy to flow freely from the brain into the limbs and organs. Normal pillows can disrupt this flow.

The Proper Pillow encourages healthy nerve energy flow through science-based design:

  • Maintains normal 20-40° cervical curve
  • Promotes side and back sleeping
  • Automatically supports to all body types

You can purchase a Proper Pillow online at

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