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George Foreman Evolve Grill

My husband and I love to cook. From steaks to chicken to vegetables, we love it all! I have heard about the George Foreman  Grill before but never owned one. They always seemed neat to me, but never had the chance to try it out.

Through The Family Review Network I had the chance to check out the George Foreman Evolve Grill.  The Evolve Grill series features an 84 Sq. In. cooking surface, that’s the perfect size for up to 4 average servings (average being things like chicken breasts, burgers and pork chops). The digital controls are easy to use and offer a 20-minute countdown timer, temperature control from 300º F to 425º F and a handy power button for added peace of mind. You can also control the angle of your grill using the adjustable angle switch that lets you go from a flat to sloped cooking surface, depending on the type of food you’re cooking.

With the option to evolve your grill with up to 11 plates, there isn’t much this grill can’t do. You can grill, griddle, bake, make waffles, cook mini-burgers (sliders)  and even bake brownies for your kid’s next birthday party. In addition, the extra-high floating hinge lets you grill thicker foods, so you can make more refined dishes like lamb chops for date nights and dinner parties. All of the plates are dishwasher-safe, along with the accessories, so it also minimizes cleanup to streamline your time spent in the kitchen after you’ve finished cooking.

The various plate sets are coming soon this year and will be available directly through the website.

I used it for the first time last week at my Kellogg’s Mom Breakfast to grill chili peppers and corn! It worked amazingly and loved that it has a pre-heat and lets you know when it is ready.

And the best thing is how easy it is to clean the plates! You take them off and wash them!

Starting off, there are several different starter set versions of the grill that can be purchased:

  1. 2 grill plates + 2 waffle plates
  2. 2 grill plates + 1 deep-dish bake plate + 1 mini-burger insert
  3. 2 grill plates + 1 deep-dish bake plate + 1 muffin pan insert

Once you have your starter grill, you’ll be able to pick and choose from the other plates that will be offered:

  • Traditional Grill Plates
  • Waffle Plates
  • Omelet & Snack Plates
  • Deep-Dish Bake Pan
  • Shallow Griddle Pan
  • Muffin Pan Insert
  • Mini-Burger Insert
  • Steakhouse Cross-Hatch Top Plate

Visit George Foreman Healthy Cooking for more information and to purchase your own Evolve Grill.

“This post was written for Family Review Network & George Foreman Healthy Cooking who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review”

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