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GelPro Kitchen Floor Mats

“ahhhhhh” that is what my feet say when I step on my GelPro Kitchen Floor Mat. Yes, I am in love with this super comfortable AntiFatigue mat. Whether you use it as a kitchen floor mat, a laundry room mat, a bathroom mat, or even as a utility mat in your garage, we are confident that after one try you will agree that GelPro has created the world’s most comfortable and attractive anti-fatigue floor mat. We invite you to try a GelPro mat today and stand in comfort.

Anti-fatigue floor mats work by forcing subtle movements of leg and calf muscles, which promotes a less restricted flow of blood back to the heart and helps prevent spasms and muscle tension. Anti-fatigue mats also lower the overall shock forces that are transmitted to body joints with each step. Without sufficient cushion, these impact forces can have a debilitating effect by the end of the day.

I decided to go with the black Basketweave floor mat. I am not really sure why I picked black as you can see the wood in the kitchen would have matched with a different color. But I think with my FLOR Rug it looks nice. Either way, the mat itself is AMAZING! I will seriously sit there in the kitchen on the mat drinking my coffee or reading a magazine.

Rich as coal, warm and alluring, the woven surface texture appears particularly deep in this all-time classic color. Basketweave has the appearance of interwoven leather strips, but is actually a one-piece high performance coated textile. No matter if your tastes are traditional, ultra-modern or something in between, Basketweave has universal appeal.



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