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Just in time for summer,  Moms, meet Fyrflyz.  Fyrflyz is a spinning toy that creates amazing light shows in the palm of your hand!  You can check out to learn more.

Fyrflyz are going to be available in select California Toys ‘R Us stores during the month of May and my girls and their friends are in love with them!!!

We received a few of these awesome toys last week and had a few of our friends over. I couldn’t wait for it to get dark so the kids could break out these bad boys!

Each FyrFlyz has its own unique color combination to create color coordinated craziness. Check out each one as they fly through the air leaving amazing trails of light in their path.

FyrFlyz, retailing for under $10 each, will be available  in a variety of light colors making them a collectible for ages 8 and up.

As you can see the kids had a blast with these toys. They are intended for kids ages 8 and up, and with younger kids the strings get tangled up easier. The kids were great with listening and not twirling too close to anyone else.

These are a must have toy this summer for families who love to spend time outside, camping and 4th of July!!!

Check out the still pictures from my Nikon!

*We received samples thanks to MomSelect and Fyrflyz.

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