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Fun Games from Mattel

During the winter my kids love to play games. Actually they love to play games all year long, but during the winter were stuck inside most of the time and that is when we play games the most.

This winter we have three new games to add to our collection, and the kids are excited!

2crx015UNO Moo!:  Gotta get the critters back in the barn! Round ’em up by matching colors or animals. Is there a blue pig on the roof? Pair it with any blue animal or any color pig. Or use a farmer figure — he’s wild and matches anything. The first player to get all their figures back in the barn wins the game!

This is such a cute that even the toddlers can play.

  • Helps preschoolers learn about colors and matching
  • Includes 28 animal and farmer figures
  • Plus, one Play-and-Store Barn and four haystack partitions
  • Adorable and portable!
  • Great for ages 3+
  • wacamoleWhac-a-Mole:  Ready to take a whack? Watch and listen for “talking” moles. When they pop out and light up, thwack ’em with the mallet to score points. Plus, earn bonus points when you hit the hard-to-get middle mole. The player with the highest score wins!

    Who doesn’t love playing Whac-a-Mole?

  • Based on the classic arcade game
  • Electronic lights & sounds
  • Play against the clock or against a friend!
  • Comes with two plastic mallets
  • For one to two players 
  • tossElectronic Toss Across:  Jazz up your game play! Add cool lights and sounds with this electronic take on your favorite classics. Play eight great games including Darts, 4 Corners, “X” Marks the Spot, and more. Plus, mix it up by playing on the floor or on the wall!

  • For game nights, rainy days, anytime!
  • A slick, ultra-modern design
  • Comes with six bean bags
  • For one to three players
  • Perfect for ages 5+
  • All three are super fun games that kids of all ages will love!

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