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Fun For Kids – Making Summer Count

Long summers are loved by kids. Of course, parents can sometimes find them a little tiring! When your children are home for weeks, it can be tricky keeping them entertained or simply keeping up with them. Fortunately, there are lots of activities you can both get involved in. There are also plenty you can encourage them to do on their own as well.


Some of the best summer activities and events are the ones that provide well-rounded experiences. Learning new skills, making new friends, and staying physically active are all quality things to engage in. Don’t forget to schedule some quality time together as well!

Summer Camp

Camp doesn’t have to last all summer. You can find an overnight summer camp for kids that can give them their first taste of being away from home. Or you can join in and take part yourself. City kids can certainly get a lot out of the experience as it is so different to life back home. Of course, it goes far beyond a bit of fresh air and sleeping in a bag! The outdoor activities available can provide valuable life skills as well as developing a passion for camping.


Theme Parks

Lots of parents book tickets for a weekend at one of the big theme parks each summer. While the weather is nice, it can be fun to wander through the parks and trying out all the different rides. You might stay at the park or choose accommodation nearby. Sometimes you can make a whole vacation out of it. You can often save a little by booking early or by booking bulk tickets. Why not get together with other relatives and make it a family get-together?


Summer School

Taking classes or study sessions during the summer isn’t a bad idea if your kids have struggled a little during the last year. Of course, summer school can offer tuition and guidance beyond the standard academic subjects. Music, art, crafts, and cookery are often available as well. Some of these classes are ideal for family groups too. There is nothing stopping you developing your own ‘Mom’ school either. Pick a couple of subjects from your child’s curriculum and spend some time working on typical problems with your child. It can be much more fun when it is part of a family activity.

New Hobbies

Quality time with your kids is always hard to come by which is why the summer break can be so valuable. Why not take up a new hobby that you can all enjoy as a family? Maybe you’ll try synchronized swimming, crochet, cycling, or painting? You can choose anything you like, and if you don’t find it interesting then find something else. It’s about doing the same thing together and working to get better at it as a team.


The summer can be long and lazy, or it can be action-packed and fun. There is no rule that says you have to work hard. And there’s no need to waste a single moment. What will you get up to this summer?


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