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Fun activities to do with the kids this summer

It’s the summer holidays and the perfect time to spend quality time with your kids creating memories and having fun. Here are some of our favorite ways to create epic memories with your kids this summer.


Baking is not only fun and good for family bonding, but you get to eat something tasty at the end of it! Baking a cake and following a recipe is also a great way to teach kids the value of following instructions. Kids love to get involved and weigh different ingredients, but most of all they love to decorate. Get lots of cake topping options for kids to get creative and create their dream cake. Chocolate spread, icing and hundreds and thousands are all tasty cake toppings, but be prepared for things to get messy. If you really want to push the boat out you could take your kid fruit picking in the day to pick some fresh berries to make into a pie. Check out the bbc website for some fun baking project ideas.

Go to the Beach

A trip to the beach is always full of fun activities for kids. Whether it’s swimming, sunbathing, playing sports, there’s so much to do. See who can find the biggest or most interesting shaped shell, kids can then take the shell home as a souvenir of your fun day out together. You could also collect a range of shells and take them home to make a shell necklace. When you’re kids not splashing around, the sands offers lots of scope for creative fun. Challenge kids to get creative by creating an epic sand castle fortress. Use the sand as a playing board and draw out a TIC TAC TOE grid to play on, or simply have a race to dig a hole and see who can get to the water first. Kids love going to the beach, try and book a weekend away this summer and make it a memorable day out.

Outdoor Adventure

The summer holidays are the perfect time to get outdoors and get active with your kids before the winter arrives and you’re stuck indoors. Exploring the great outdoors is a great way to keep healthy and create special memories with your kids. Hikes or wildlife walks are ideal for budding nature enthusiasts to discover new plants and creatures. Take a wildlife book with you and note the different animals you see to help learn about the different species. If you want the full safari experience, a safari cargo vest and explorer set are two of the most highly rated outdoor gifts for kids which kids love to take on hikes. Mountain biking on family-friendly cycle routes is another fun way to spend time outdoors and you can cover a lot of ground on a bike.

Visit the Zoo

If you kids exploring the outdoors and learning about different animals, you can take it to the next level by visiting a zoo. A trip to the zoo isn’t only fun, it can be a highly educational experience. Let kids learn about the most incredible animals, from sun bears to zebras  you can blow your kid’s mind. Most kids remember their first trip to the zoo for the rest of their life. Talk to your kids before you go and ask what they want to see the most so you can plan the day around their priorities and give them specific things to look forward to. Map out your route through the zoo and don’t forget to take a packed lunch.

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