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Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cup & Keurig *Giveaway closed*

My mornings start off a little crazy…. I push the snooze on my alarm about 3 or times, which end up being a good extra 30 minutes. So by the time I finally stumble out of bed my morning is a crazy rush to get the girls dressed, fed, hair brushed and out the door for school. But one thing I refuse to do is leave without a cup of coffee. What better way to kick off the morning than with a cup of fresh brewed coffee? But at the same time, why make an entire pot of coffee when you can’t stay home to enjoy it?

That is what I love about the Keurig! I have had the chance to try out different coffee pots and brewing systems, and I have to say now that I can have my Folgers with the Keurig I am extremely excited.

I am a Folgers fan, have been since I was little (yes, my grandma let me sneak cups of coffee at Christmastime… could be why I am the shortest person in the family (on my side of the family)….

Millstone coffee and Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cup portion packs are made from the same high quality beans already available on-shelf in over 50 blends, and offer the exceptional taste that both brand’s passionate coffee drinkers have come to expect. The superior taste is the result of both brand’s precise “bean to cup” process that involves an intricate method of growing, roasting, and blending to ensure each cup of coffee delivers a unique coffee drinking experience.

Millstone and Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cup portion packs are available in the following flavors:

Millstone Breakfast Blend (Fair Trade Certified)
Millstone Hazelnut Cream
Folgers Gourmet Selections Black Silk
Folgers Gourmet Selections Lively Colombian
Folgers Gourmet Selections Lively Colombian Decaf
Folgers Gourmet Selections Vanilla Biscotti

Millstone and Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cup portion packs are available nationwide in 12 and 18 count packs (MSRP $6.99-$9.99), online in a 24 count pack (MSRP $13.95), and at club stores in an 80 count pack (MSRP $33.99).  For more information on Millstone and Folgers Gourmet Selections please visit the brands’ websites at and

The Keurig Single-Cup brewing system allows consumers to enjoy one perfectly brewed cup of coffee one at a time. For more information on Keurig visit


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  1. The best tip for dealing with hectic mornings is to get up 10 minutes, get a sip of coffee and dive straight in.

  2. For me to have a less hectic morning I prepare the night before. I get all of the dishes done, floors swept, etc. so that I can calmly enjoy my coffee before I get the 5 monsters up and ready for school.

  3. My best tip is to do as much as you can to prepare for the morning the night before…lay out clothes, pack lunches, etc. And coffee is my lifesaver in the morning – I am so grumpy the mornings I have to go without it!

  4. I get everything ready the night night before. Clothes laid out,lunches packed, coffee pot set ect… I couldn’t get out of bed without my morning coffee. It helps wake me up. I need lots of caffeine in the mornings.

  5. best tip–try to get as much set up the night before as possible–whether it is what clothes you/family is wearing, pre-made lunches, weather check, schoolwork laid out to take back to scholl….that way you can take that freshly made cup of coffee with you easily as you march everyone out the door…..after all a hot cup of joe is the spark to start the day off and running!

  6. I get as much ready the night before (dished set out, lunches started, clothing set out). A fresh gourmet cup of coffee helps me get my mornings started by letting me enjoy a little decadence before the craziness starts!

  7. tips and tricks to manage the morning–I make everyone get their backpacks packed, clothes laid out, lunches made the night before. Coffee doesn’t help get my day started—it starts my day–I don’t do anything until I have coffee.

  8. The best tip is to program the coffee machine for a time in the a.m. to be ready. Coffee keeps me sane so I can get things done on time.

  9. Well, I’m an odd ball! LOL!! I clean my house before I go to bed, it helps my mornings go more smooth! I am a tea drinker so I drink at least 3 cups of green tea everyday for health benifits and because I love tea!
    Thank You!!

  10. I make sure that clothes are laid out the night before and that my son gets his Melatonin so he will sleep good and wake up Happy 🙂 If it were not for Coffee in the morning I don’t think I would make it through the day…coffee saves my Sanity

  11. To help to make it easier on this mama, I usually get everything ready the night before. My rule is that everyone in the house helps. Everyone put every item they worked on or played on away and this will make it so much easier on everyone. So, when you wake up the next morning and smell that wonderful coffee smell flowing through a clean house, your day will look even brighter.
    Showmemama at ymail dot com

  12. Mandatory – Tips/tricks: Know what you need to get done by when, and get as much done/packed as you can the night before. And why would coffee in the AM help? Caffeine of course!

  13. To handle a hectic morning it is best to plan ahead. Pack lunches, organize backpacks, & pick out school clothes the night before. In the morning there will be less things to do, and try to know ahead of time what sort of breakfast you will be making that morning. And a good, strong cup of coffee helps wake me up & get going in the morning.

  14. i am a preson that pre plans everything so of course clothes are laid out and lists for next day are made.

  15. I like to start with a walk outside, tire the dogs out so I can start my day uninterrupted. The coffee brings me back to life after a long walk!

  16. My biggest tip is to do as much the night before as possiblr-prepare clothing, make lunches, etc. And well, a cup of piping hot coffee gives me the energy and spirit to start the day on a good note.


  17. The tip/trick that works for me is to start out my day by enjoying a fresh, hot cup of gourmet coffee in solitude (this requires rising before anyone else does–it’s totally worth it). I can sit and reflect on my blessings or anticipate the day ahead all the while sipping my coffee.

  18. managing a hectic morning? not really in 29 years of parenting but we TRY! prepare what you can AHEAD! Dont sweat the small stuff…and the coffee? I dont drink but my husband would be a mess without in the morning…he’d forget EVERYTHING. Hot, rich and doctored up with cream and sugar is his only big habit he could not do without!

    thanks much!

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