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Flying Kites!

When you fly a kite this sense of calmness comes over you and you are in awe at the universe and how this kite can stay in the air. Flying a kite is so much fun and makes you feel like a kid again

Come Fly a Kite

Come fly a kite
And watch it sail
Across the sky,
Waving its tail!

Kite, Kite
Kite, kite, soaring high,
Reaching, reaching to the sky
First you’re high then you’re low,
Swooping, swirling, round you go,
Kite,kite, fine and free,
Dancing,dancing, just for me.

Jean Warren

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  1. im jealous , we just now are getting warm here lol, she looks like she is having a blast with her kite

  2. Today would have been a great day for flying kites, the wind picked up a bit. Flying kites alway’s takes me back to my childhood when me and my brother would fly kites together. It is a worry free memory. sigh**

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