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Fitness Week: Weight Watchers 360°

I started using Weight Watchers 360° on March 14th, so a little over a month. In one month I have lost 6 pounds. According to Weight Watchers 360° my weekly loos average has been 2.2 pounds which is great!

I actually started my weight loss journey February 1st and overall I have lost a total of 16 pounds! I have really enjoyed using Weight Watchers.

This first month has been really challenging for me, trying to find the time to exercise and eating the right foods. I love carbs and I love “white foods” I know that with Weight Watchers I am still able to enjoy the foods I love but  trying to eliminate the unnecessary processed foods.

One of the biggest changes I made for myself is my morning coffee. I admit I love my coffee but I was adding creamer and milk. I changed it to only having almond milk. Sure it’s not as sweet anymore, but I don’t have all that sugar anymore!

I currently am on a 3 month trial with Weight Watcher’s 360 and there are so many great features online!  Logging into your count you see your “my tools” section.

This is where you can track your food, and exercise.  You can also track from your mobile phone! I downloaded both the Weight Watcher’s Mobile App and the barcode scanner app. I love using them together.

Online you can also get a ton of support! If your unsure how many points something is there is a huge section of Cheat Sheets. I loved using it to figure out the perfect omelet. (I am obsessed with omelets right now and I learned that using egg whites for my omelets was better than the whole egg!

When it comes to tracking online either you can do it throughout the day, or write everything down that you have ate and add it in when you can. (It’s even easier with a mobile phone) So each morning your dashboard looks like this:

It is so simple to use and very self explanatory! Basically you just add your food in, if you can’t find it in the system then you can create a food.  If your adding a new food you have never tracked before I’d safe the box or package until after you have added it to your tracker. Your going to need the nutritional values.

If your using a mobile app it has all the same features as online. Daily Points is the amount of food you get each day. I am still nursing so I assume that is why my points are higher. You also get weekly points, these points are like “extra” points.  when you exercise you get extra points. You can use them or save them but just for that week. Each week you start over!

Weight Watcher’s 360 is really motivating, especially each week you see that scale go down! Stay tuned next month and see how Weight Watchers 360 is helping me!

To sign up for Weight Watchers online or t find a meeting head on over to

Be sure to head on over to Our Ordinary Life and see how she is doing on Weight Watchers 360°.

*I received 3 months free of Weight Watchers 360°. All opinions are my own.

“People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.”

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