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Fitness Week: Saffron Road

Snacking can be one of the hardest parts of loosing weight. I used to have a really bad problem with my snacking but I have found ways to have some snacks and them being at least healthy! Lets face it, sometimes we just don’t want to eat veggies!

I was introduced to Saffron Road. Saffron Road specializes in all-natural, halal packaged foods that are sold in major retail food stores across the United States. Products include an assortment of ethnic-inspired, easy-to-make frozen entrées, convenient and flavorful hors d’oeuvres, single-serving simmer sauces, broths and savory snacks, a majority of which are also gluten-free.

We LOVE the  Crunchy Chickpeas and had the chance to try out a few of the flavors. I will admit I used to not like chickpeas but I love these! They have that crunch and saltiness that people crave when snacking (like chips) but for one serving size it’s only 120 calories! (yes please!!)

Saffron Road products are not only organic but have also been certified to be GMO free!

You can purchase these online but you can also use the store locator and find a store near you that carries Saffron Roads (if you don’t have a Whole Foods near you)

*A product was provided.

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