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Fitness Week: PowerSox


Now that I have been running a good 3 or 4 days a week I noticed that my shoes fit funny and my feet sweat like crazy! I didn’t really put much thought into my socks until I tried the Power-Lites Women’s Poly Tech Liner. I instantly loved them!

I know you might be thinking “but they are just socks” but they are more than that. For people on their feet or going for a quick jog these are great! They have a thin design so they fit comfortably and don’t add a ton of bulk in your shoes.

The Ploy Liner’s have a moisture management fiber to help keep your feet from overheating and sweating. thus keeps your shoes from getting that stinky sweat smell.

I also love that they give arch support.  I plan to buy some compression socks for running!

My husband had the chance to check out the Ultratec-Qtr. He told me that they are great for him and how he stands all day at work.  The three pack of socks are a soft combed cotton so they are more comfortable to wear. The heels and toes have extra layer of cotton for longer wear. This is my husband’s reason why he goes through socks on a monthly basis. He always gets a hole in either the toe or heel.

The socks also have Antimicrobial protection so the socks stay fresh longer. The band around the ankle helps keep them from falling down. After a few weeks of wear they still look brand new! These are a great sock for the working man!

Gold Toe socks are excellent socks for the working man or woman or the sport enthusiast. You can purchase online or find a local retailer.

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