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Fitness Friday

Friday May 9th: Walked a quick mile, my foot was sore. Total for the day was: 2.5 miles

Saturday May 10: The Color Run 5K in 45 minutes! Total for the day was: 6.67 miles

Sunday May 11th: Mother’s Day – rest day. Total for the day was: I did not wear my fitbit so I have no idea.

Monday May 12th: helped at Book fair at school and had too many errands to run. Total for the day was: 1.44 miles

Tuesday May 13th: Worked Book fair. Total for the day was: 1.45 miles

Wednesday May 14th:  Did four miles jogging. Total for the day was: 5.6 miles

Thursday May 15th: Did four miles and also 30 Day Shred.  Total for the day was: 7 miles


day 9


day 10


day 14


day 15

Food: I worked much harder with food and less breads. Felt great this week and down 1 pound.

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