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Fitness Friday

I seriously want to say that this past weekend I did really really bad on food and so bad I actually was sick to my stomach on Monday!

  • Friday May 30th: Mostly walked 3 miles.
  • Saturday May 31st: Swam until 2pm and then went home and slept the rest of the day. Although if I had been wearing my fitbit I probably walked a good mile in a circle while waiting for Hubby to get home from the store.
  • Sunday June 1st: Spent all day driving to pick up the girls from Girl Scout Camp. Ended up with almost 2 miles though, even though we were in the car driving for nearly 5 hours.
  • Monday June 2nd: only ended up wit 1.5 miles total.
  • Tuesday June 3rd: 4.5 miles and it was great! 
  • Wednesday June 4th:  4.25 miles and 6 miles total for the day!
  • Thursday June 5th:  2 miles for the day
May 30
May 30
Jun 3rd
Jun 3rd
June 4th

I don’t even want to say my food up until Tuesday!!!
burgers, pizza, salad, steak, mashed potatoes, a few drinks, chips, chocolate.. everything I shouldn’t be eating!
Tuesday: tea with some creamer which equals about 100 calories or so, lunch I had a honey Dijon dressing salad with crumbed egg on spinach, snack was a ready pack fruit/cheese tray that was 150 calories. Quite filling snack too!
Wednesday: don’t remember
Thursday: don’t remember

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