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Amanda Acuña an influential Mom Blogger created MommyMandy as an online resource to the parenting community. She has four children and they currently reside in Texas.


  1. Snow! I have to admit I’m a little jealous. I love winter, but don’t experience much of the real thing. I love my state, but living in Texas means you don’t really experience all four season. Love the pics. Your girls are cuties!

  2. Looks like fun. We end up with a pile off the driveway by mid-winter from shoveling that makes a great hill to sled down, except for that stupid tree…only two trees out there and one is right in their path. What luck…

  3. Ahh snow, what bittersweet thoughts I have of snow. It means Christmas, spending time with family, great food, hot chocolate but it means cold, short days, and extra weight. ENJOY!
    hmhenderson AT yahoo DOT com

  4. What a beautiful site. Don’t mind a little of the stuff, but like it in light moderation. Looks like the kids were having a ball!

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