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FertaMax and Couples Trying to Conceive

*A product was provided, as well as compensation as a paid ambassador with TBI. All opinions are my own.
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Trying to Conceive is definitely something that does not come up in conversation very often. In fact I think a lot of friends don’t even know th struggles we went through to conceive two of our children nor the miscarriages that happened either.

I think that couples need to know they are not lone in the journey and as many as 7 million couples struggle with infertility at some point in their lives. Crazy right? Usually couples are told to try to conceive for a year on their on before they resort to fertility meds.

There are so many factors though that can cause couples to struggle with infertility, one of mine was irregular cycles and I did not ovulate. progesterone and clomid were what we used to have “normal”cycles and to get my body ready for pregnancy. I really wish I had known at the time about FertaMax though. I was taking a daily prenatal because I knew that prenatal were important fr a healthy baby and afterwards for breastfeeding.

What makes FertaMax different that a prenatal is that FertaMax presents a powerful nutritional multivitamin supplement to help the odds in your favor. FertaMax for Women is the only formula in the market that takes a holistic approach to women’s health, particularly when it comes to fertility and conception. This comprehensive formulation targets issues that any hopeful mother-to-be needs to consider: creating a healthier environment in her womb, increasing fertility, better hormonal function, and ensuring healthy fetal and reproductive tissue development. The antioxidants in the formulation protect both the intended mother and the egg from harmful carcinogens that come from dietary and environmental exposure.

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I think that couples who currently are trying to conceive or plan to conceive should start taking FertaMax. Especially for women. In the two weks I have started using FertaMax I have noticed that I feel better. I know I am getting in those essential nutrients that my body needs, especially just coming off a miscarriage.  I really like that it has Folic Acid, Flaxseed and Iron in it as those are three that are important for me to have on a daily basis.

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ambassador35*A product was provided, as well as compensation as a paid ambassador with TBI. All opinions are my own.

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21 Responses to “FertaMax and Couples Trying to Conceive”

  1. Daisy says:

    We are TTC so I need to try these. We’ve been trying for over a year.

  2. I know of many people who have issues with infertility and it can be a devastating thing to go through! Personally I don’t believe any of the medications and treatments are healthy to use, especially when trying to get pregnant, so something that’s holistic and natural like this is a great thing to opt for.

  3. Great advice, my best friend is TTC, sending her your link right now!

  4. Angela S says:

    It’s nice to know there are products like this to help couples who are trying to conceive. I am glad to hear you are feeling noticeably better after taking this.

  5. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I thank god every day that I had a relatively easy time conceiving my boys. My second one was harder, but I am glad I was able to do it on my own. I can’t imagine the struggle.

  6. Pam says:

    This sounds great for couples who are TTC! It could help so many people.

  7. emily says:

    This looks like something a lot of couples would be interested in.

  8. Getting all the nutrients you need is so important. I always feel better when I do.

  9. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I am glad that these supplements are providing you with the nutrients your body needs.

  10. Kelsey Apley says:

    That is so neat to have a product like this! I think it is great to up your chances of getting pregnant!

  11. It’s great that there are options like this available. I know many people who would make perfect parents who are having trouble.

  12. Toni says:

    I Love that they have the kind of supplements available. It’s so important to get nutrients especially when you are TTC

  13. I never personally dealt with miscarriage or infertility but people close to me have. It is SO comforting to know that there is a natural supplement for this.

  14. Sandra says:

    This is a great product offered to those trying all they can.

  15. Brandy M. says:

    TTC is a hard thing for more people than most of us would ever know. It’s great to see another resource available to those who need it.

  16. Liz Mays says:

    I’m pretty sure I’d be willing to try anything if I was struggling to conceive. This is an inexpensive way to start!

  17. It took over 10 years for me to conceive my first. It can be such a hard time emotionally.

  18. It’s great to see more products becoming available to help those trying to conceive.

  19. Tara says:

    It’s great that you’re feeling better. Staying healthy is important, and it seems like this is a great option to look into.

  20. Tasha says:

    I know a few couple who are trying to conceive. I will definitely be letting them know about FertaMax. Sounds like a wonderful product.

  21. Debi says:

    What a great product. It is so important to get those nutrients.

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