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Father’s Day Gifts: Give dad 15 extra yards on his swing this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is dedicated to making dad feel special and showing him how much you care. And nothing makes your pops happier than an improved golf game! So what better way to say Happy Father’s Day than with a gift that will not only improve his swing, but also help him enjoy perfectposture and reduced back pain – the BackJoy Posture+.

Studies show that how you sit throughout the week determines the way you play on Saturday. The BackJoy Posture+ preventative everyday seat enhancement engages core muscles, keeping hips loose and allowing the abs, glutes, and hamstrings to work properly and the pelvis to maintain its ability to rotate freely for the perfect golf swing.

Additionally, the BackJoy Posture+ offers dads increased vitality, enhanced comfort while sitting and reduced risk of back pain through better posture. The BackJoy Posture+ can easily be taken anywhere – to the office, while traveling, on the golf cart and more!


*A product was provided.

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