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Fashion Playtes is a new virtual design studio that empowers girls ages 6-12 to design and produce their very own clothing. The online platform let’s girls “play designer” and use their creativity to create custom clothes and accessories (complete with personalized labels!) that are delivered to their doorstep in just 3 weeks.

A fabulous activity for moms and daughters to enjoy together, the site allows girls to see their unique ideas come to life with high-quality garments they’ll be proud to wear. And – with prices starting at just $25 for a custom dress, the designs are budget-friendly and make for a fabulous birthday gift or slumber party activity. (And fear not if Ed Hardy is already becoming popular at school, Fashion Playtes’ clothing is totally mom-approved.)

As you cna imagine Samantha had a blast designing her own t-shirt. She went through every single product playing around with colors and designs, to her it was like a game! When the package arrived the return address label said Fashion Playtes and I gave it to Samantha and said it was for her. She jumped up and down “It’s my shirt!!!” She opened it up and hugged and kissed the shirt. I think the fact that she got to design it herself made the shirt that much more special to her.

Here is the final shirt Sam created:

And how it came out:

A product was received for this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. This looks like such fun. I have a niece who would love to design her own clothes–I’m thinking what a great birthday gift for her. Thanks for sharing!

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