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OK remember how the other day I posted about Ericka from Chic Shopper Chick and her fabulous giveaway to win a entire family’s Holiday Jammie set?

Wanna know why I want to win it? Well ever since I was little my aunt would buy us kids jammies. We would unwrap them on Christmas eve, and of course as soon as we opened them we would run to put them on. We LOVED this and couldn’t wait until the next year to see what kind of Pajamas we would get.

I do remember the VERY last pair of footed pajamas my aunt bought Kristin and I, they were power ranger ones. NO JOKE!!! and I CRIED! I was like 12!

anyways, Kristin shared such a fun picture from us as teens. I think I was 16 LOL. (no my butt is not that big LOL I had the pants rolled) anyways, this picture is Kristin, Josh, Mark (our brother) and Me. Don’t you love the huge hole in my stocking? oh and my Aunt still uses those too! She has used them since we were LITLE!

ohh right back to why I am posting this… so as you can see one of my traditions growing up was jammies on Christmas Eve, well I would love to continue that tradition with my family!

If you want to head on over to tell Ericka why she should pick me … I mean enter to win you can by going here Christmas Pajamas Keep Me Snug Giveaway

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