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Falling Health Rankings Among Philadelphia Could Put Strain on Local Healthcare System

Philadelphia has a decent percentage of residents who have medical insurance and even those without it are still doing a fairly good job of engaging in preventative health services. Due to age, socioeconomic status, and even job industry, there are a lot of Philadelphians who getting sicker and become more prone to developing serious ailments. For students completing a doctor of nurse practitioner programs, Philadelphia’s hospitals are providing many opportunities for in-depth study and treatment, but it comes at a price. Many of the patients coming in are the relatives of Philadelphia area medical professionals and in some instances, they are the patients themselves.

What’s Causing Philadelphians to Become Less Healthy?

Some believe that increasing rates of cancer are to blame on Philadelphia’s expansive blue-collar industry. With many refineries, construction companies, and chemical plants in the area, there are people living in close proximity to smog clouds and chemical runoffs. Then there’s also the reality that there are many more blue-collar workers in Philadelphia than other major cities on average. You can count the number of generations of machinists and bricklayers as opposed to MBA holders. In short, there are lots of residents in the Philadelphia area who work at potentially hazardous job sites.

How is Philadelphia Taking Care of Its Aging Population?

Another reason that Philadelphia is experiencing a declining health grade is the number of people who are getting older. Philly may be home to the most prestigious hospitals in the country that offer online doctoral nursing programs, but there is still an issue with healthcare. Hospitals that see higher patient rates have to spend more on accommodations. When healthcare facilities start to have problems recouping funds, that’s when you see a decline in the quality of care. Philadelphia has a large number of elderly residents and not all of them have adequate healthcare. This is unfortunate, but it is also straining the local healthcare system.

What About Health Insurance?

The high cost of healthcare services is one of the reasons that some Philadelphians are seeing a decline in health. There are many places that Philadelphia residents can go to get reduced cost health services, but even getting there can be a problem. Philly is a very large city and getting around by public transportation isn’t that convenient. People with declining health just may not be able to make the trip to a sliding scale healthcare clinic a few miles away. It can be even more depressing when you happen to live in a neighborhood that has plenty of hospitals around but you can’t afford to be seen there.

You have to take care of your body for it to stay in excellent condition. Going a couple of years without preventative health services can allow a case of cancer to develop to the point that it becomes inoperable. In Philadelphia, doctors and nurses are anticipating a large wave of patients in poor health. Though it will be challenging, they have promised to be as compassionate as ever.




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