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Exederm Baby Care Line

Too many baby and children’s skincare products contain ingredients that may irritate sensitive skin, especially for those with eczema or dermatitis – allergic reactions & rash are common.

Most everyday baby and children’s skincare products are actually designed for the average child – even some of those products labeled as ‘Sensitive’ or ‘Mild’ or ‘Hypoallergenic’. Many ‘natural’ or herbal products can be just as bad too !

exederm has been specially formulated to avoid harsh chemicals, unnecessary additives and unproven herbal ingredients that may irritate and cause a rash on sensitive skin or trigger an eczema flare-up on your child’s skin.

You cna purchase exederm at Target. Visit for more information.

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  1. During winter season, my toddler has dry skin and it’s irritated. Maybe I’ll try this product to sooth her skin.

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