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Euro-Pro Ninja Launch in NYC


Last month I was invited to New York City for the Euro Pro Ninja Launch! Not only did I get to go but they also flew out my husband Patrick (who has his own dad blog).

The event took place on Sept. 23rd and 24th. Pat and I had a great time flying all the way from California to NYC on Wednesday, we arrived in NYC around 5:40 or so and by 6:30 we were already in the blue shuttle on our way to the Sheraton Manhattan. Well, our shuttle was packed and our driver decided to drop us off last. Yeah I think I saw the same streets about a million times since everything is practically one way. So finally around 9PM we rolled up to the Sheraton. Pat and I raced up stairs to quickly shower and change and then made our way over to Faces and Names for dinner/cocktails with the rest of the group.

Of course while Pat was taking a shower I snapped a few pictures from our Hotel Room.


After meeting everyone a small group of us went over to Rosa’s for dinner. We were seriously going to walk 7 blocks, but after block #3 we hailed two taxi’s. Sky and I had a fun time in the taxi creating our own video!

After dinner we headed back to the Hotel!

Thursday we met in the lobby of the hotel and as a group we walked over to the Mandarin Hotel. BEAUTIFUL!!! After realizing breakfast wasn’t being served Hubby and I ran across the street (along with quite a few bloggers) to Starbucks! MMMMM fruit had never tasted so good.


After chatting with everyone, we made our way into the next room where we were able to meet Robin Miller and see her demonstrate the Ninja Master Prep.


After seeing the Ninja in action we were able to test out the other new products from Euro-Pro! Including the

Portable Steamer, Steam Pocket Mop, Stick Vac with Dual Charger, Multi-Vac, and Navigator.


After testing out these fabulous products it was time for lunch. We were able to try all the yummy recipes that Robin shared with us during the demos. They were yummy.

 And here are pictures that Patrick took on our drive back to the airport


Huge thank you to Euro-Pro who supplied all our transportation to and from NYC and our hotel room.

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