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Entenmann’s Coffee

I am a coffee drinker. I admit it. I need my “cup of joe” every morning or I just can’t function! I always add creamer to my coffee because I need it to taste good or have some kind of sweetness to it. I was really impressed with the Entenmann’s Coffee. The flavor is awesome and no need to add a ton of creamer or sugar to it.

Rich Frosted Chocolate Donuts…Ultimate Cinnamon Crumb Cake…Raspberry Danish Twist…

Entenmann’s has been a market leader and innovator in fresh, sweet baked goods for over a century. Today, the same brand that has brought delicious cakes, scrumptious donuts, and tasty cookies now offers 100% Arabica coffees. What could be better?

Following in the Entenmann’s tradition, Entenmann’s Coffee is made from superior quality Arabica beans in both non-flavored and flavored coffees, including an all time favorite-Cinnamon Crumb Cake! Entenmann’s Coffee, is now available at select retailers and on

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3 Responses to “Entenmann’s Coffee”

  1. Donna C. says:

    I love Entenmann’s Coffee Cakes. I hope my store starts to carry the coffee

  2. Karen P says:

    Oh no… now I totally want some of their milk chocolate covered donuts.

  3. hbomb says:

    Wow, the cinnamon crumb cake sounds so amazing, and i rarely drink coffee!

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