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Educate your kids about the “Lord of the Lords”

Jesus Christ – a common man who became a God with his deeds for humanity. With his love for needy people e transformed the way we look into things. After so many centuries of his era, we are still in awe of him and get inspiration from him daily. His followers formed a religion named Christianity which speaks of love and service towards people. Complete withdrawal from a luxurious life to spend a life meant for betterment of others is what this religion teaches us. His birthday is widely celebrated all over the world on 25th December and kids are found to have more fun than the rest. These lovely kids get gifts from Santa_Claus and thus seem to have a gala time. Ideate some of the great Christmas gift ideas for kids but also don’t forget to educate him/her about Jesus.


Read below and also let your child know about Jesus so that good principles are imbibed in his/her character at an early age.

  1. Jesus was very poor. He lived and worked in Nazareth as a carpenter. So, he knew very well what it means to be poor and how hard is it to earn a living. In those days, carpenter was the lowest strata of the social set up.
  2. If you think that Jesus only had disciples, followers, and apostles, you are wrong. He was a common man like us and had some really good friends. Mary and Martha were among his best of friends and did a lot to save their lives.
  3. He always asserted on the fact – “Judge not, lest you be judged”. He was strongly against judging people. We cannot help ourselves from not only judging but also passing comments on people. But this is what strongly apprehended by him because you never know what the other person is going through.
  4. Jesus, the lord of the lords always extended himself to people who are on the margins. On meeting a Samaritan woman someone who was declared a foreigner enemy by Jews, he didn’t condemn her but started a friendly conversation. He appealed others also to do the same. So, acceptance is the best way to change the world.
  5. Jesus didn’t spend all his time among his disciples and friends. He also required an “alone time” with the self. He used to withdraw himself totally from the crowd and this solitude actually helps people to understand the world in a better way.

As a brilliant Christmas gift for kids, you can buy some books on deeds of Jesus Christ. Get a book which has used pictures and colors to make your kid understand the greatness of a great soul.

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